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bacon and onion roly poly
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Bacon and Onion Roly-Poly Pudding

Bacon and onion roly-poly pudding is a classic British family favourite from the 1960s. I have very fond memories of my grandmothers cooking. She was a very traditional cook and my childhood dinners were good old British standards like shepherds or cottage pies and suet puddings like this one or steak and kidney. I think […]

eton mess
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Eton Mess

Eton Mess is a traditional English dessert. Made from whipped cream, meringue and summer fruits, it is really easy to make. Eton College The dish comes from Eton College which is a private boys-only boarding school near Windsor founded by King Henry VI in 1440. The Mess is the traditional dessert at the annual cricket […]

jellied conger eel
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Jellied Eels – Conger Style

East End Eels An East End of London dish traditionally served in Pie and Mash shops like Manzes near Tower Bridge. This recipe substitutes the normally used silver eels for conger eel. Where Do We Get Eels? Jellied eels production uses farmed silver eels mainly from Holland. Traps along the River Thames and its tributaries […]

bangers and mash
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Bangers and Mash

Our Bangers & Mash consists of Cumberland sausages served with mashed potato and onion gravy. Traditionally served in pubs, a recent survey ranked it as Britain’s most popular comfort food. What are Bangers? Sausage Bangers surfaced during WWI and became even more widespread during WWII. Meat was in short supply and rationing meant sausages were […]