dogfish on a shingle beach

What to do with dog fish ?

If you fish around the coast in the UK you will be more than familiar with the lesser spotted dog fish.

For most fishermen they are a nuisance, although they may save a blank when nothing else is biting. They are the smaller cousins of huss aka rock salmon as sold in the fish and chip shops, a strong flavoured fish with a central cartilege running the length of the body. Being smaller, they are usually thrown back by recreational and commercial fishermen alike.

Perhaps we should take a leaf from the Portugese who have some great recipes for dog fish.

Of course you normally have to skin the the fish first which is no mean feat in itself! My grandfather used to nail the fish to his shed door, lift the skin with a knife, and then pull it off in strips with a pair of pliers.

Hopefully after all this effort it looks like this.

dogfish fillets
Dogfish Fillets

My personal favourite recipe is included in my cook book and can be found here, and you don’t have to skin it before cooking!

Other recipes include roasting dogfish steaks with cherry tomatoes and olives, or baking them with potatoes.

dogfish with cherry tomatoes and olives
Roasted dogfish steaks with cherry tomatoes and olives
dogfish with golden toast
Baked Dogfish with Golden Toast
dogfish with potatoes
Dogfish steaks with potatoes

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