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  • hot cross buns

    You can’t beat a halved toasted Hot Cross bun, served hot and spread with butter. The smell of warm spices, fruit and peel in a lovely sticky bun is irresistible.

  • saveloy sausages

    Saveloy sausages are a British classic with their distinctive lipstick-red casing and I can personally testify that they are very tasty.

  • english breakfast with union jack

    In Grandads Cookbook I like to showcase traditional British recipes like Fish and Chips, Pie and Mash or Toad in the Hole.

  • Fish and chips in a take away box

    Fish and chips are the iconic British takeaway food. Tender white fish, wrapped in a beer batter coating, crisped to perfection.

  • worlds hottest chillies

    our modern multi-cultural generation has all the flavours of the world to choose from, but many only experience the wonderful variety of tastes and flavours from takeaways.