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Classic British

Fillet of Beef: Prince Albert

This recipe, fillet of beef Prince Albert, was named in his honour and although a British classic I can’t say I have ever seen it on a restaurant menu.

devilled kidneys on toast

Devilled Kidneys

Devilled kidneys are a classic British breakfast dish reaching their height of popularity during the Victorian era.

ploughmans lunch

Ploughman’s Lunch

I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer’s lunchtime, than sitting in a beer garden with a spread of fresh crusty bread, cheese, pickles, crisps, sometimes a salad and a pint of the local brew.

steak diane with saute potatoes and peas

Steak Diane

Fancy a retro style steak Diane? This recipe will take you straight back to London cuisine of the 1960s.

sausage and onion sandwich

The Best British Sausage Sandwich

Go into any British cafe or restaurant between 7:00 and 8:00 on a weekday morning and a fair proportion of the tradesmen there will be tucking into a sausage sandwich. Across the nation, on Saturday and Sunday mornings the smell of sausages cooking in the pan fills the air.

two slices of beans on toast on a plate

British Style Beans on Toast

Beans on toast have been a British staple for years. Eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s simple, delicious and very comforting.

Gala Pie

Gala Pie

Some of you may not be familiar with gala pie at all, it’s basically a pork pie cooked in a loaf tin with a central column of boiled eggs running through the middle


Cooks have been dreaming up ways to use up leftover potatoes and vegetables in different parts of Britain since the humble spud was first mashed.
South of the border we English fry up ours to make bubble and squeak. Across the Irish sea, they make colcannon and in Scotland, they have the curiously named rumbledethumps.

smoked welsh rarebit

Fishy Welsh Rarebit

A great alternative version of the classic Welsh rarebit with lovely smoked haddock.

eccles cakes

Eccles Cakes

Eccles cakes sometimes known as squashed-fly cakes are traditional puff pastry wrapped pies similar to turnovers, filled with currants and topped with coarse brown sugar.