Catch It & Cook It

I like to fish, and I like to cook which makes for a great combination always assuming that I can catch something other than sunburn or a cold.

My sons and I go sea fishing regularly and I would like to share some of our successes in both catching and then cooking in this series of articles.

Recent Posts
  • garden snails

    All snails in Britain are edible. They’re essentially the same creatures that the French, Spanish and Italians devour by the tonne.

  • Catch it and cook it – black bream is the next article where I share my experience of catching and then using a favourite recipe, bring the fish to the table.

  • mackerel on ice

    Freshly caught mackerel is meaty, firm and flavourful, its ‘fishiness’ is decidedly muted when really fresh, and by this, I’m talking on the barbecue within two hours of leaving the sea.

  • After a days fishing, the best bit is yet to come. Cooking and sharing a nice turbot with the family. It will keep happily in the fridge overnight but in my opinion, the fresher the better. Catch it and cook it!