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black and white pudding
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Irish Black and White Pudding

My wife’s parents were Irish, mother from Dublin and father from Newry, lived in London, and following regular visits “home” would always return with some genuine white pudding in their suitcase. Their return was looked forward to with great excitement and no sooner had the suitcase been opened, the frying pan was on and white […]

morcilla black pudding
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Morcilla: The Spanish Black Pudding

Spain’s answer to our black pudding is a mile from the slice you’ll get with your fry-up. It’s a spiced blood sausage, delicate, with a gentle tang. Recipes vary across Spain from the loose, rice-flecked morcilla from Burgos to morcilla de Arroz, the variety made with onion and rice. Morcilla pronounced mor-thee-ya, is generally much less firm […]

sprouts in a bowl
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Sprouts and Christmas, a British Love Affair

Sprouts and Christmas dinner, a great British tradition which divides opinion. Rather like Marmite you either love or hate them. Anyone who has had an overcooked soggy green ball on their plate knows what I mean. Perhaps “I’m a Celebrity” could use them in an eating trial? Modern stir fry style recipes incorporating bacon and […]