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Side Dishes

  • roasted cherry tomatoes

    The flavour of the sweet roasted cherry tomatoes is really magnified by a quick roasting in the oven with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

  • bread sauce

    Easily made ahead of time, bread sauce is the classic accompaniment for the Christmas turkey.

  • braised red cabbage

    I prepare as much of the Christmas dinner as possible in advance. Braised red cabbage can be made and kept in the fridge a couple of days beforehand.

  • pigs in blankets

    Christmas dinner would not be the same without pigs in blankets. These delicious little porky gems make the perfect accompaniment.

  • buttered baby carrots

    The idea behind these Christmas carrots is to make one part of preparing Christmas dinner quicker and easier.

  • baked portobello mushrooms

    Equally good as a side or main dish, these baked portobello mushrooms are full of flavour and make a great vegetarian option for Christmas day.

  • smashed roast potatoes

    Try these smashed and roasted potatoes for a different take on the traditional roasties. With crisp outsides and really tender insides, they are a delicious side dish. They go really well with steak or fried chicken! Smashed and Roasted Potatoes with Garlic Try these smashed and roasted potatoes for a different take on the traditional

  • bubble and squeak

    Monday night’s dinner would not be complete without all those leftover roasties from Sunday chopped up and mixed with mashed potato and green vegetables all fried together. Cabbage and Brussels sprouts are particularly good done this way.

  • triple cooked chips

    The best chips you will ever taste are triple cooked.

  • braised leeks

    Easy braised leeks tossed with a little olive oil and a blend of herbs called Herbs de Provence.