• cullen skink

    Cullen skink is a thick Scottish soup made with smoked haddock, potatoes and onions. The name originates from Cullen in Moray, Scotland.

  • bowl of mulligatawny soup

    On a cold winter’s day, nothing beats a bowl of hot mulligatawny soup with some lovely fresh crusty bread.

  • sizzling prawns

    Simple authentic Spanish sizzling prawns with garlic. This has to be one of the most popular tapas dishes ever.

  • serrano ham with melon

    Salty and full of flavour, Serrano ham makes an excellent contrast with juicy honeydew melon.

  • crispy whitebait

    These delicious little whitebait deep fried in a spicy crispy coating make a great starter or tapas dish.

  • chicken pieces with yoghurt dip

    This really easy to make chicken pieces with yoghurt dip recipe from Jamie Oliver makes a great tapas dish for the kids to enjoy.

  • jellied conger eel

    An East End of London dish traditionally served in Pie and Mash shops like Manzes near Tower Bridge. This recipe substitutes the normally used silver eels for conger eel.

  • battered black pudding

    I was looking through my old recipes and found this one from Gary Rhodes for black pudding fritters in beer batter.

  • smoked salmon and roasted beetroot salad

    My wife and I were looking for a different starter for the festive family meal this year. This smoked salmon and roasted beetroot salad recipe from Sainsbury’s took our fancy.

  • shellfish on barbeque

    Jamie Olivers seafood barbeque of smoked shellfish.