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chipirones a la plancha
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Grilled Baby Squid

Grilled baby squid is very easy and fast. You only need extra virgin olive oil, some garlic, a little parsley and salt flakes En español: Chipirones a la Plancha Whether you use fresh or frozen squid is entirely down to your own preference. The freezing process breaks down some of the fibres in squid so […]

spanish roast lamb
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Spanish Roast Lamb

Traditionally cooked Spanish roast lamb for a spectacular Sunday dinner or alternative Christmas feast. Simply coated in oil or lard and then occasionally basted and turned, the lamb cooks until tender and juicy. En español: Cordero Asado or Lechazo mlsfotografia / Getty Images 

adobo chicken
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Spanish Adobo Marinade for Chicken

In Spain, pork, beef, and chicken are often marinated in an adobo, a combination of spices and vinegar. Usually, the adobo combines dry spices along with vinegar or wine and olive oil. Before refrigeration, marinades were very common, since marinating with spices masks any unpleasant flavours, tenderizes, and preserves the meat. Tips for Cooking With […]

La Tasca tapas spread
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My Favourite Tapas Recipes

Putting on a Tapas Spread? Putting on a tapas spread? These easy to make tapas recipes are my favourites. The tapas-style of eating has undergone a bit of a revolution here in the UK in recent years. We have had some excellent restaurants serving tapas for many years but they are few and far between. […]