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chicken thighs in a mushroom sauce in a cast iron casserole dish

Poulet à la Forestière

Poulet à la Forestière, that’s chicken in mushroom sauce to the non-French-speaking world is a classic autumn dish in French kitchens.

fish fillets being put into a storage jar with herbs and spices

Mackerel Rollmops

During the British summer, living near the south coast of England we catch far more mackerel than we do herring. What would mackerel rollmops taste like?

Thai green curry in a bowl

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Thai green chicken curry is one of the best known dishes of Thai cuisine, and despite its complex flavours, it is actually quite easy to make at home. I’ve tried a few different recipes but I have found Jamie Oliver’s Thai green curry easy to make and really delicious!

prawn pad thai in a wok

Prawn Pad Thai

This is an authentic Prawn/Shrimp Pad Thai recipe from Spice I Am, a critically acclaimed Thai restaurant.

confit garlic in a ramekin filled with rapeseed oil

Confit Garlic

Confit garlic is one of those ingredients that you didn’t know you needed in your kitchen until you tried it.

Cheeseburger pasta in a cast iron pan on the table

Cheeseburger Pasta

My youngest grandson was staying with me this weekend and said “Grandad, can we make cheeseburger pasta like Mummy makes”? I have never heard of cheeseburger pasta but guessed it was some kind of pasta bake. He is a fussy eater so it had to be tasty but definitely not […]

Thai style food

Try Thai Food Grandad Style – It’s Delicious

One of the main reasons why Thai food is so delicious is because authentic Thai food is made from a carefully balanced taste of sweet, salty, spicy and sour all at once. It’s called “Umami”, a subtle flavour of tasty, savoury wholesomeness, discovered over 100 years ago. Anyone who has […]

Thai style chicken satays served on rice with lime wedges

Thai Style Chicken Satay

Satay sauce is sometimes called Thai peanut sauce. It is essentially the same thing. Each chef uses different ingredients to make their unique sauce, but one common ingredient is the peanuts used to make the sauce.