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forestiere sauce in a sauce boat

Forestière Sauce

Forestière sauce or wild mushroom sauce is a French classic that goes with almost anything.

beer can duck

Beer Can Duck

The best duck you will ever taste cooked on a BBQ sat on top of a half-full can of beer!

beer can cooking rub ingredients in a pestle

Beer Can Cooking Rub

Every chicken or duck destined for the barbecue with a beer can partially inserted into its body cavity deserves a good rub before cooking.

beer can chicken on a bbq cooked

Beer Can Chicken

The best chicken you will ever taste cooked on a BBQ sat on top of half-full a can of beer!

chicken thighs in a mushroom sauce in a cast iron casserole dish

Poulet à la Forestière

Poulet à la Forestière, that’s chicken in mushroom sauce to the non-French-speaking world is a classic autumn dish in French kitchens.

fish fillets being put into a storage jar with herbs and spices

Mackerel Rollmops

During the British summer, living near the south coast of England we catch far more mackerel than we do herring. What would mackerel rollmops taste like?

Thai green curry in a bowl

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Thai green chicken curry is one of the best known dishes of Thai cuisine, and despite its complex flavours, it is actually quite easy to make at home.

prawn pad thai in a wok

Prawn Pad Thai

This is an authentic Prawn/Shrimp Pad Thai recipe from Spice I Am, a critically acclaimed Thai restaurant.