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Catch It and Cook It – Herring

The herring is an oily silverfish high in omega 3 oil. Grilled, smoked (as kippers) or baked, they are very good for you!

spam fritters

SPAM Fritters

SPAM History Let’s go back in time to World War II. Fish was unavailable so we Brits made SPAM fritters instead for our weekly deep fry with chips. SPAM is canned pork luncheon meat made in the USA by Hormel, introduced in 1937. It became popular during WW II because […]

fish size mat

UK Minimum Size Limits – Sea Fishing

As responsible anglers we must all observe the minimum size limits for keeping any fish we catch. There are also seasonal restrictions like those for Bass and local restrictions in addition to the national ones. The current UK size limits are constantly maintained at

european conger eel

Catch It and Cook It – Conger Eel

The largest species of eel found in European waters, growing up to three meters in length the Conger is relatively common around British shores living amongst rocks and hiding inside shipwrecks. Rarely taken home for eating, congers usually go back when caught by fishermen.

squid preparation

How to Prepare Squid

Rather than reinvent the wheel this video from Bart van Olphen explains how to prepare squid really clearly. YouTube

conger eel and fillets

How to Fillet Conger Eel

1.  Cut through the skin around the back of the head with a small, sharp knife. 2.  Using fish pliers, pull away about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of skin from all the way around the head. 3.  Hang the eel up by the head, with a meat hook or a piece of string, […]

black and white pudding

Irish Black and White Pudding

My wife’s parents were Irish, mother from Dublin and father from Newry, lived in London, and following regular visits “home” would always return with some genuine Irish black and white pudding in their suitcase.