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Living in central London I am very lucky to have access to authentic imported Spanish products from Brindisa. Many UK supermarkets now sell a few Spanish products like pimenton and even Padron peppers.

The main shop is in Borough Market across from London Bridge station. They also have a smaller shop in Balham specialising in cheese and charcuterie.

Brindisa sell a wide range of products for the store cupboard plus speciality items like octopus and a wide range of hams.

brindisa octopus
Brindisa’s double sucker octopus tentacles

Try our tapas-style octopus, Pulpo a la Gallega with Brindisa’s octopus. Frozen octopus is best as the freezing helps tenderise the meat. You can still see people across the Mediterranean bashing a freshly caught octopus on the rocks.

A visit to their shop in Borough Market near London bridge is incomplete without one of their famous rolls from the grill.

brindisa chorizo roll

However, if you live further away, have a look at, their online shop. Top-quality Spanish products delivered direct to your doorstep.

Pulpo a la Gallega
Traditional octopus from Galicia in north west Spain
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