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smoked welsh rarebit

Fishy Welsh Rarebit

A great alternative version of the classic Welsh rarebit with lovely smoked haddock.

stargazey pie

Stargazey Pie

This traditional Cornish dish is so named because the fish heads poke through the pastry crust and appear to be gazing at the stars. But don’t worry, you don’t eat the heads.

cod en papillote

Mediterranean Cod en Papillote

Cod en papillote simply means “in parchment”. This is a really easy style of cooking fish especially if you are not confident with fish in the kitchen.

Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas

You can go down to any British high street and get fish and chips to takeaway. But cook this iconic British meal at home, complete with a side dish of mushy peas.

fish pie

Superb Fish Pie

I’ve tried many a fish pie recipe over the years and this one from Bryn Williams is, without doubt, the best.

hake medallions with cockles

Hake Medallions with Cockles

Hake medallions with cockles is a simple, quick and healthy recipe well known all over the Basque country.

breton fish stew

Breton Fish Stew (Cotriade)

A cotriade is a traditional, coastal Breton fish stew and every family has its own recipe. It’s made using whole fish, cut into pieces, rather than fillets, with squid and mussels.

cod fritters

Smoked Cod Fritters

Spanish tapas classic made easy. Bite-sized smoked cod and potato fishcakes bound together with egg and flour then quickly fried until crispy. Serve with lemon wedges.



Ceviche is the Latin American dish where really fresh fish and shellfish is cured in lime juice and tossed commonly with onion, tomato, coriander, salt and often avocado. It’s quick, it’s easy, and makes a fabulously light starter or lunch.