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beer can cooking rub ingredients in a pestle

Beer Can Cooking Rub

Every chicken or duck destined for the barbecue with a beer can partially inserted into its body cavity deserves a good rub before cooking.

confit garlic in a ramekin filled with rapeseed oil

Confit Garlic

Confit garlic is one of those ingredients that you didn’t know you needed in your kitchen until you tried it.

Halloween fake blood in a bowl

Edible Fake Blood

Make your own realistic edible fake blood for Halloween. Give your spooky cakes that extra ghoulish touch. Makes a good dipping suace for fingers too!

dried fruit

How to Rehydrate Raisins and Dried Fruit

Do you have some dried fruit or raisins which are too dry? Quickly rehydrate them and enjoy a more succulent taste. Whether you want them for baking or snacking, all raisins will benefit from some rehydration. Place the raisins in a bowl and cover with just-boiled water, then leave to […]

court bouillon

Court Bouillon

A spiced aromatic liquid or stock used mainly to poach fish and shellfish, court bouillon adds a flavour that would be lacking if the fish were cooked in plain water.


Homemade Chorizo

Try and recreate authentic homemade chorizo that tastes much better than the shop-bought varieties, and does not contain any artificial preservatives. A sausage machine either manual or electric would be a great help. Credits: BBC Food – Mark Sargeant

sliced chorizo

Spanish Chorizo Sausage

Traditional Spanish chorizo is a very tasty sausage found all over Spain, each province having its own variation with most families having their own recipe. It can be fresh, which needs cooking, or cured, ready for eating.



A lovely home made Spanish style garlic mayonaise

crispy fish batter

Crispy Fish Batter

All you need for this fish batter is flour, salt and soda water. The results will be thinly-coated, crispy and delicious pieces of fish!