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catalan toasts

Catalan Toasts

Every region of Spain has its own tapas dishes and Catalonia is no exception. If you visit Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, you will find Catalan toasts on the menu in the majority of tapas bars.

dippy egg with soldiers

Dippy Egg with Soldiers

What better breakfast than a perfectly cooked boiled dippy egg with a runny yolk and a firm white body. Just right for dipping those golden toasted soldiers into.

clams with garlic and lemon

Clams à Bulhao Pato

Raimundo António de Bulhão Pato Portuguese Clams à Bulhao Pato are named after the 19th century poet, Raimundo António de Bulhão Pato. So enamoured was Pato by the light and fresh seafood dish he regularly wrote about it in his work. On the Algarve These clams bring back many fond […]

mint and ham fusilli

Mint and Ham Fusilli

This simple Italian mint and ham fusilli pasta makes a light and fresh lunch.

roasted sardines

Roasted Sardines with Pitta Bread and Salad

This recipe from Jamie Oliver reminds me of holidays in the Algarve where you can buy grilled sardines straight from the fishing boats that caught them on the keyside in Portimao.