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hot cross buns

Hot Cross Buns for Easter

You can’t beat a halved toasted Hot Cross bun, served hot and spread with butter. The smell of warm spices, fruit and peel in a lovely sticky bun is irresistible.

mothering buns

Mothering Buns

Mothering buns are iced yeast leavened buns decorated with hundreds and thousands. These buns are a speciality of the Bristol area in southwest England.

home baked white loaf

Easy Home Baked Bread

There is nothing like the smell of fresh home-baked bread straight out of the oven. I have been (trying to) bake bread for most of my adult life and with our recent home confinement under Covid, I have found the time to experiment once more with bread recipes. I know […]

festive filled brioche

Festive filled Brioche with Baked Camembert

This celebration festive filled brioche from Great British Bake Off’s Kimberley Wilson is perfect party food just made for sharing. This is a lovely recipe but is quite involved and needs a fair bit of preparation the day before. If family or friends are coming round and the clocks ticking […]

Papo secos

Papo Secos, Crusty Portuguese Rolls

A bowl of fresh clams steamed in their own juices, served in a bowl with some papo secos, crusty Portuguese rolls, are my favourite memory of holidays in the Algarve.

hot cross bun pudding

Hot Cross Pudding

An Easter treat for the family, and a good way to use up those left over buns with this hot cross pudding recipe idea from Sainsburys.