Morcilla: The Spanish Black Pudding
morcilla black pudding

Morcilla: The Spanish Black Pudding

Spain’s answer to our black pudding is a mile from the slice you’ll get with your fry-up. It’s a spiced blood sausage, delicate, with a gentle tang. Recipes vary across Spain from the loose, rice-flecked morcilla from Burgos to morcilla de Arroz, the variety made with onion and rice.

Morcilla pronounced mor-thee-ya, is generally much less firm than our British black pudding (try the ‘Bury’ variety if you can find it), and as such is great for stirring through dishes.

Another favourite way to serve morcilla is stuffed into squid – a classic combination. If you’re one of those who can’t bear the idea of black pudding, then morcilla may be for you – most people visiting Spain will try it and love it before they know what’s gone into it.

It’s worth sourcing a good one -try for a tasty version. They freeze well too- so when you get them, freeze them into batches of two for quick and easy use.

Taken from an article by deliciasburgos.

morcilla stuffed squid
Morcilla Stuffed Baby Squid
These baby squid stuffed with morcilla, (Spanish black pudding) make a great tapa.
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squid with black pudding and peppers
Squid and Black Pudding with Peppers
This easy mid-week meal originates I believe from the city of Burgos, the home of the legendary El Cid.
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