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Chilli con carne with rice

Chilli con Carne

An all-time tex-mex classic chilli con carne recipe, low in fat and using mainly store cupboard ingredients.

pork chops with rhubarb

Pork Chops with Rhubarb

This savoury-tart-sweet combination takes the classic pairing of pork and fruit to a whole new level.

roasted duck leg

Slow Roasted Duck Leg Casserole

Try cooking with tender duck legs – they taste best braised in rich sauces, slow-cooked in a casserole, or turned into luxurious confit. The skin is great when roasted until crisp.

hake bake

Baked Hake Spanish Style

A fabulous recipe for low-fat oven-baked fish and chips that uses one pan! This will prove to be a family favourite at the supper table and uses the whole hake in place of cod or haddock fillets, which is a more sustainable fish to use. Children will love its mild taste too.

stir fried whelks

Stir-Fried Whelks

Next time you visit the seashore, find some rocks, search out some of our humble whelks and give this recipe a go, you will never look at a whelk the same way again.

roasted skate wings

Roasted Skate Wings

The delicate flavours of skate are given a boost with chillies and roasted cherry tomatoes and a dressing of capers, lemon juice and mustard gives a further piquant kick. So delicious and yet still on the table in under 30 minutes, perfect for knocking up a quick Friday fish supper.

dogfish stew

Canarian Dogfish Stew

A classic Portugese dog fish stew, and you don’t have to skin the dog fish first!

beef goulash

Goulash with Mash aka Goumash

This classic Hungarian dish is warming and delicious. I made this for my children, and they loved it. My niece Cara when she stayed with us liked it with mashed potato and named it Goumash.

chicken casserole

Chicken Casserole

An easy chicken casserole which will go down well with all the family.