Catch It and Cook It
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Catch It and Cook It

Sea fishing and cooking are my two passions in life. Share my experiences of catching fish around the south coast of the UK and cooking them to share with my friends and family over the dinner table.

The Spanish style of cooking with olives and peppers is my favourite and suits fish so well. With the finished dish served in the centre of the table, everyone digs in. The French say “you eat with your eyes”, the colours and the presentation of Spanish family cooking fits this perfectly.

I Catch It

Basically, if I’m near the sea I want to go fishing.

20 years ago I had a sudden onset of chronic seasickness so had to stop boat fishing. After corrective surgery last year the seasickness disappeared so I am back boat fishing and enjoying every minute.

So I go fishing:

From a boat …

Or From a pier …

And on the beach …

When On holiday …

fishing in canaries
Canary Islands

It’s a good job my poor long-suffering wife of over 40 years doesn’t mind my passion for fishing. Sometimes, annoyingly, if she tags along she catches more than me!

Both of my sons fish, my grandsons fish, even our 4-year-old twin granddaughters go fishing with me.

Not Caught It Yet!

Even after all these years of fishing, there are some UK species that elude me:

thornback ray
Thornback Ray

These two are my target species for 2021.

charter boats uk
UK Charter Boats

Brighton Charter Boats

Then I Cook It

Having caught it, or sometimes bought it now we have to prepare and cook it.

Fresh fish is so nice to eat and very healthy, especially oily fish like mackerel or herring. Currently trendy and very popular, sushi has exploded onto the UK eating scene. The nearest I get to sushi is smoked salmon.

sushi platter

Some fish are very delicate like plaice, others are more robust like turbot and different cooking techniques are required to bring out the best in each.

I will bake, fry, steam, casserole, marinade or roast fish depending on what I catch that day. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting recipes but am heavily influenced by the Spanish style of cooking.

spanish style baked fish
Spanish style baked fish

My Catch It and Cook It Stories …

Other Recipes You Maybe Interested in …..

Please observe minimum size limits when fishing.

fish measure

Use a measure like this one from Tronixpro.

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